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For over 20 years, we have provided professional spy and surveillance equipment, personal security and private investigation services to corporations, government agencies, public figures and private citizens alike.

This site is designed to be a valued resource for information regarding:

  • Spy Cameras & Surveillance Systems
  • Private Investigation
  • Personal Protection
  • Self Defense
  • Home Security
  • Identity Theft



If you are in the market for surveillance equipment, Total Security specializes in a wide range of video surveillance cameras and spy equipment systems. We are experienced, trusted leaders in covert hidden camera systems, nanny cameras, security video equipment, wireless spy cameras and digital motion activated cameras.

Visit www.spysource.net for our complete inventory of B/W and color low-light pinhole cameras, digital security CCTV cameras, network IP cameras, CCTV security cameras, LED cameras and infrared night-vision cameras, underwater cameras, body-worn covert video cameras and more.



If you’re looking for the validity in the truth in any manner, whether it’s personal, corporate or highly confidential, you should engage Special Solutions.

Special Solutions is one Chicago’s most accredited and premiere investigative agencies. Whether it’s domestic, corporate or undercover investigations, we’ve done it all. When you engage special solutions, you engage top, seasoned professionals.

Visit us on the web at www.specialsol.com.

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