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  • Audio Recording Devices

    Audio Recording Devices

    Audio Recording Devices, Voice Recorders, Listening Devices, Mini Recorders and Spy Bugs is what Total Security has been designing, manufacturing and selling for over 25 years. Digital Voice Recorders and Phone Recording Devices at affordable prices with expert customer assistance and a one year warranty. Our Terms and Conditions are the best in the industry where the customer comes first. Call, Click or come on in and visit our large showroom of Voice Recording Audio Products and witness why we are one of the finest security and Spy Shops in America today open to the public here on Google. 

  • 65 Hour Low...

    65 Hour Low Battery Drain Digital Audio Phone Recorder


  • PI PEN (standard...

    PI PEN (standard size) 7-Hour Digital Pen Audio Recorder

    Very Small, Discreet and Very Good Audio Recording with Voice Activation! Introducing the "PI Pen" note taker. Not only a great writing ball point pen, but also a high quality, 14-hour digital audio...

  • MMX-MICRO...

    MMX-MICRO PRO-2000 (300) Hour Digital Voice Recorder

    1/2 the Size of a Lighter Law Enforcement Grade!

  • Micro Audio...

    Micro Audio "Penetrator" Listening Device

    Listening though metal, concrete, wood, plaster, glass and dry wall with the Micro Audio pro-1000 Penetrator.

  • Micro Super Ear

    Micro Super Ear

    A Pair of Super Sensitive Listening Devices! It's mini size, light weight and skin tone color allows for the wearer to hear from great distances without anyone even...