Nanny Cameras

A big aspect of surveillance today, especially when it comes to monitoring inside your home is the nanny camera. For many years we’ve heard that term used loosely. However it doesn’t start and end with teddy bears. It includes a whole variety of products that go in your home or business to watch out for your kids, check out if someone is stealing from you or see if someone’s going through your stuff that shouldn’t be.

These are surveillance cameras put into traditional products like teddy bears and clock radios that can be hard wired or wireless. They are motion activated recorders with time and date stamps to find out what’s going on with your most precious item of all, your child.

To see what’s going on in your home or office, we also have a tissue box with a miniature camera inside that can last up to 12 hours on a single battery. We also have is a miniature outlet plug that looks like a harmless AC adapter, but when it’s plugged into the wall, the miniature built-in camera records who’s coming in, morning, noon and night. As they say, surveillance never rests.

The Home Guard looks like a plug-in air freshener, but does more than clean air. Its miniature camera operates on AC or AA batteries and is motion activated, to catch the person doing wrong against you.

Nanny cameras also come as wall or desk clocks. When mounted on the wall, it looks like a thermostat. It’s motion activated and has a lithium-ion battery that  lasts up to three days.

So, when you’re away the mice will play, and this wide assortment of nanny cameras is what you’re going to use to catch them.

All these nanny cam products can be found at or at the Total Security store located at 7524 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago IL.

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