Marital Infidelity Products

Is she or isn’t he? That’s the question when it comes to marital infidelity. At Total Security, we sell the best for less in terms of marital surveillance products. Here is a sample of some of the products we recommend if you think you have a cheater in the house:

The Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit can detect the presence of body fluids on undergarments. It may seem a little perverse nature, but it does work and it’s a big seller. This 15 second test will let you know if he or she is getting into something or somebody they shouldn’t be.

The Cell Phone Recon connects to any phone. This software has the capability of allowing you to covertly monitor all of the activities on a cell phone. Log incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, and track the phone’s location.

The Porn Stick connects to a computer via USB and can detect pictures and videos of adult content based on variances of skin tones in images.

Small GPS tracking devices can be hidden in a car and track the vehicle up to 15 feet away from any location. It’s got a battery that lasts between 7 to10 days. It’s miniature and very affordable.

At Total Security, we also have a huge selection of covert cameras, nanny cameras and audio recording devices that are very effective in discovering the truth about what goes on behind closed doors when you’re not home. These products and more can be found at Total Security located in Chicago at 7524 North Harlem Ave. or you can visit our website at

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