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Another best-selling product we have at Total Security is the GPS Tracking Device. This device can track any vehicle at anytime, anywhere in the world. It has an internal battery that lasts up to seven days, or you can install it into the optional magnetic, weatherproof case that has an internal battery that lasts up to three months. So, if you can’t get inside the car but you need to track someone in a legal fashion, you simply put the tracker inside the case, connect it up and attach it magnetically to the vehicle.

This could be used for all different types of situations like theft of time, collusion, employee mishap, domestic, police or private investigation surveillance, and it is ideal for determining spousal infidelity.

There’s also an optional adapter that taps into the DC power system in a vehicle for permanent power. You now could have full-time security surveillance anywhere in the world. This GPS tracker requires an online subscription service that ranges from $29 a month and up, depending on your needs. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings.

It’s a great device at a great price. Check out this device and more at Total Security, Inc. Visit us at 7524 North Harlem Ave., Chicago, or see us on the web at

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