For years men and women have utilized my services to find out if their spouse is cheating. They need clarity and resolution, which is why they choose to hire the services of a licensed private investigator. It is my job to find out the validity of their suspicions and uncover the truth in this very trying time in their lives.

There are a few states that still consider adultery to be a civil action against a contractual agreement of marriage. Others are considered “no-fault” states and adultery means nothing in a court of law. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, you first need to know your rights.

So, what are the signs that your spouse might be cheating? First, there is a gut feeling. Women tend to have better intuition than men, so this may be more apparent to them. This is a sense that something just isn’t right. You need to be careful to not take any action if this is all you’re going on, however it may be your first warning sign and an indication that you need to begin paying more attention to some of the more literal warning signs.

Signs of domestic infidelity include:

  • Loss of communication, complete meltdown of communication, or you’re not getting along
  • Loss of affection and physical intimacy
  • Unusual sexual habits, arousal or lack of arousal
  • Weight loss and self-preservation
  • New clothes & lingerie you’ve never seen before
  • Late nights or different schedules
  • New friends
  • New habits – drugs or alcohol
  • Differences of opinion, personality or need for change
  • Mysterious changes in financial accounts

If you are noticing any of these signs and your gut tells you something is wrong, you may have reason to suspect your spouse of infidelity. However, be careful not to wrongly judge. In our next segment we will explore what are called FALSE POSITIVES. That’s when the warning signs are there, but the reality of the situation is contrary to your suspicions.

It is always best to consult a private investigator and not take matters into your own hands. If you have suspicions or questions, be sure to contact Special Solutions at 847-803-6922. The consultation is free and there’s no obligation. Your well being is our only concern.

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Domestic Infidelity Part2: The Warning Signs
This is the 2nd installment of a 6 part series on Domestic/Marital Infidelity, presented by John Frycek of Special Solutions LTD. a licensed private investigator in Chicago, IL. 847-803-6922.
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