Domestic infidelity today is widespread throughout America. It is estimated to occur in 62% percent of all marriages that end in divorce. With that being said, why do people cheat? Some reasons include psychological and mental breakdowns, finances, self-preservation, hedonism and a multitude of other reasons we will get into at a later time. Whatever the reasons may be, there are warning signs and action steps you can take to find out if your spouse is a louse.

If you suspect your spouse or lover of cheating, you need to pay attention to the warning signs. These may include sudden changes in appearance and weight loss, odd work hours and late nights, loss of intimacy, changes in sexual activity or changes to finances.

A private investigator needs to be very impartial when it comes to investigating domestic infidelity.  It requires comfort and understanding what people go through during these very difficult times. Hiring a private investigator is not like buying a new bicycle or a vacation trip it Maui. It’s a matter of whether their partner in life has been faithful to them. When consulting a private investigator, make sure they have experience and a track record in infidelity cases. Consultations should always be free, so shop around and find an investigator you feel comfortable discussing your personal matters with.

When you hire a private investigator through Special Solutions (, you will receive video graphic evidence and a written there to report on all our findings. In the event our findings are positive, we will guide you through the steps that follow while you decide how to proceed.

This is the first of a 6-part series on Domestic Infidelity. In the coming weeks we will explore in detail:

  • The Warning Signs
  • Understanding False Positives
  • Why Spouses Cheat?
  • Consulting a Private Investigator
  • Options & Actions

If you need any additional information or need to talk immediately with an investigator, call Special Solutions at: 847-803-6299 or visit:

John Frycek, a licensed private investigator with Special Solutions, LTD. Special Solutions is one Chicago’s most accredited and premiere investigative agencies. Whether it’s domestic, corporate or undercover investigations, we’ve done it all. When you engage special solutions, you engage top, seasoned professionals.

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