Covert Spy Cameras

Covert spy cameras are used for a wide array of reasons, from domestic infidelity, theft and collusion, to theft deterrents around the house and office. A lot of these cameras can be put to good legal use and here are just a few of the options you have.

Covert cameras come in many shapes and sizes, and today’s cameras are so small, they can be made to look like many ordinary household or personal items. On the surface, one spy camera looks like a typical AC outlet adapter. When it’s plugged in, it becomes a self-powered surveillance camera that is motion activated, with time/date stamp. Film anyone, anytime anywhere by simply plugging it into an outlet with a clear view of the area you want covered.

If you want to feel like a real secret agent, why not try a covert camera in a men’s or women’s watch. It films in crystal clear color video and audio. Other miniature cameras like the button camera are particularly cool as well, because you put it on any type of garment, and it’s got different size buttons to fit nearly any attire.

If you think someone at your office is stealing supplies from the back storage room, install a small wireless camera that’s mounted in a smoke detector. It’s the best way to find out which employees are being naughty or nice.

There’s also a covert camera call the Home Guard. It’s really cool, because it looks like an air freshener and operates either on batteries or AC power. It’s so simple to use, it can be deployed by anyone between 18 to 88 years old. It plays back on any standard TV screen and is very reasonably priced.

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