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We all know we have teens and kids that sometimes are up to no good. As parents, we want to know what’s going on during the times they’re on their computer and our watchful eyes are looking somewhere else. Other times, it might be about the spouse, and spousal infidelity is also a very serious thing. When used legally and ethically, these products can be used to find the validity of the truth in the cyber world.

Spy Sure is software you can put on any computer that sends an email to you with all the activity that happens on that computer.

The Recover It is universal USB software that allows you to find out how a person has been using their cell phone in terms of the messages, texts, pictures and emails they’ve sent and received.

If you think you have a husband or boyfriend who’s been up to no good, the Porn Stick connects to a computer via USB and can detect pictures and videos of adult content based on variances of skin tones in images.

If you forgot your password on your computer, we have something called the Windows Breaker. This is something that can break right through the password and issue a new one, giving you instant access once again.

Also, a big seller is the Cell Phone Recon. It connects to a Smartphone and allows you to track its location like a GPS. It can also track text messages, pictures and emails to and from the cell phone.

The Spy Cobra Deluxe does a similar thing. It connects to someone’s laptop or computer, and you receive daily emails detailing everything that’s been done on the computer that day.

All these great surveillance computer products can be found at Total Security located at 7524 North Harlem Ave. in Chicago. Or you can visit our website at .

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