Covert Spy Cameras

Covert Spy Cameras

Covert spy cameras are used for a wide array of reasons, from domestic infidelity, theft and collusion, to theft deterrents around the house and office. A lot of these cameras can be put to good legal use and here are just a few of the options you have.

Covert cameras come in many shapes and sizes, and today’s cameras are so small, they can be made to look like many ordinary household or personal items. On the surface, one spy camera looks like a typical AC outlet adapter. When it’s plugged in, it becomes a self-powered surveillance camera that is motion activated, with time/date stamp. Film anyone, anytime anywhere by simply plugging it into an outlet with a clear view of the area you want covered.

If you want to feel like a real secret agent, why not try a covert camera in a men’s or women’s watch. It films in crystal clear color video and audio. Other miniature cameras like the button camera are particularly cool as well, because you put it on any type of garment, and it’s got different size buttons to fit nearly any attire.

If you think someone at your office is stealing supplies from the back storage room, install a small wireless camera that’s mounted in a smoke detector. It’s the best way to find out which employees are being naughty or nice.

There’s also a covert camera call the Home Guard. It’s really cool, because it looks like an air freshener and operates either on batteries or AC power. It’s so simple to use, it can be deployed by anyone between 18 to 88 years old. It plays back on any standard TV screen and is very reasonably priced.

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Electronic Counter Measures

People often come to me and say they believe someone is watching them or something’s listening to them. Electronic counter-measures, otherwise known as TSCM debugging devices are products that can determine if you are being watched or listened to. Whether it’s your business or your home or your vehicle, Total Security has a wide range of bug sweeping products to keep you safe.

For example, when the Protect Pro 1210 is positioned next to your cell phone, it alerts you if someone other than you is using your phone.

If you’re looking for something that can pick up WiFi, Bluetooth or any type of higher end digital spy products, the Protect PFD-1207 can do the job. This is a very widely use product, because there’s a lot of electronics out there that we don’t know about or trust. This will find out if you’re being listened to.

The X-10 is another product capable of detecting RF frequencies anywhere, anytime in your house, business or car. This includes GSM devices that are widely in GPS devices.

The CELL FINDER SIGNAL PRO is a new Cell phone/GPS GSM detection device that is designed to find hidden cell phones being used for eavesdropping and GPS real time tracking.

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Personal Protection Products

Total Security specializes in personal protection products, and let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there. I live in Chicago, and Chicago is considered to be the most dangerous city in the world. That said, you need personal protection products.

Decoy cameras look like real cameras but don’t hit you too hard in the pocketbook. It looks just like a pan, tilt, zoom security dome camera and only costs about $30. Put it on your porch, in the back of your house or apartment building, and it keeps the hoodlums away by deterring them. I like this product a lot. It also flashes, giving it a truly real appearance.

A mace pepper spray gun looks like a flare gun, but inside it has powerful Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper spray at 12 percent. it’s enough to knocked down a buffalo. Trust me when I say that, because I was sprayed with it. The pepper spray shoots up to 25 feet. If you’re out on the streets you should have one of these. it could save your life.

Can Safes are great for protecting your valuables. You can put your watches, jewelry and money in them and they look like one of your household cleaners. It’s like hiding your valuables in plain sight, yet to prying eyes they’re invisible.

If you can’t afford a dog or don’t want to take care of one, you should consider the Rex Plus. Rex Plus is the electronic watchdog that never sleeps! He will bark angrily as an intruder approaches and sounds just like a real dog. It’s great for elderly people.

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Computer Security Products

We all know we have teens and kids that sometimes are up to no good. As parents, we want to know what’s going on during the times they’re on their computer and our watchful eyes are looking somewhere else. Other times, it might be about the spouse, and spousal infidelity is also a very serious thing. When used legally and ethically, these products can be used to find the validity of the truth in the cyber world.

Spy Sure is software you can put on any computer that sends an email to you with all the activity that happens on that computer.

The Recover It is universal USB software that allows you to find out how a person has been using their cell phone in terms of the messages, texts, pictures and emails they’ve sent and received.

If you think you have a husband or boyfriend who’s been up to no good, the Porn Stick connects to a computer via USB and can detect pictures and videos of adult content based on variances of skin tones in images.

If you forgot your password on your computer, we have something called the Windows Breaker. This is something that can break right through the password and issue a new one, giving you instant access once again.

Also, a big seller is the Cell Phone Recon. It connects to a Smartphone and allows you to track its location like a GPS. It can also track text messages, pictures and emails to and from the cell phone.

The Spy Cobra Deluxe does a similar thing. It connects to someone’s laptop or computer, and you receive daily emails detailing everything that’s been done on the computer that day.

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Marital Infidelity Products

Is she or isn’t he? That’s the question when it comes to marital infidelity. At Total Security, we sell the best for less in terms of marital surveillance products. Here is a sample of some of the products we recommend if you think you have a cheater in the house:

The Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit can detect the presence of body fluids on undergarments. It may seem a little perverse nature, but it does work and it’s a big seller. This 15 second test will let you know if he or she is getting into something or somebody they shouldn’t be.

The Cell Phone Recon connects to any phone. This software has the capability of allowing you to covertly monitor all of the activities on a cell phone. Log incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing text messages, emails, and track the phone’s location.

The Porn Stick connects to a computer via USB and can detect pictures and videos of adult content based on variances of skin tones in images.

Small GPS tracking devices can be hidden in a car and track the vehicle up to 15 feet away from any location. It’s got a battery that lasts between 7 to10 days. It’s miniature and very affordable.

At Total Security, we also have a huge selection of covert cameras, nanny cameras and audio recording devices that are very effective in discovering the truth about what goes on behind closed doors when you’re not home. These products and more can be found at Total Security located in Chicago at 7524 North Harlem Ave. or you can visit our website at


GPS Tracking Products

Another best-selling product we have at Total Security is the GPS Tracking Device. This device can track any vehicle at anytime, anywhere in the world. It has an internal battery that lasts up to seven days, or you can install it into the optional magnetic, weatherproof case that has an internal battery that lasts up to three months. So, if you can’t get inside the car but you need to track someone in a legal fashion, you simply put the tracker inside the case, connect it up and attach it magnetically to the vehicle.

This could be used for all different types of situations like theft of time, collusion, employee mishap, domestic, police or private investigation surveillance, and it is ideal for determining spousal infidelity.

There’s also an optional adapter that taps into the DC power system in a vehicle for permanent power. You now could have full-time security surveillance anywhere in the world. This GPS tracker requires an online subscription service that ranges from $29 a month and up, depending on your needs. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings.

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Covert Bodyworn Video Cameras

Bodyworn video cameras are small, micro cameras installed into items you carry around or wear like a key chain and records beautiful audio and crystal clear video.

We have little Bluetooth devices that look like you’d use with your cell phone but is actually a camera. We have micro cameras that can go on your purse or briefcase. We even have cameras mounted inside men’s and women’s watches that not only tell time but also catch the bad guys in action.

We have a covert spy camera for virtually any situation.

A self-contained button camera can be neatly mounted on clothing, hats purses and come with a number of button styles to maximize its covert abilities. Our pen cameras have USB connectors and store up to 32GB of high quality video and audio. Bring one to your next meeting if you want to get the facts right. We even have a covert camera mounted in a pair of non-prescription eye glasses. (Or should we say spy glasses?) Wherever your eyes turn to look, the camera records exactly what you’re seeing in full color video.

Remember, these products need to be used legally and ethically. If you’re in the market for a bodyworn video camera, be sure to check out our huge selection at www.spysourcenet or come see us in person at our Total Security store at 7524 North Harlem Ave. in Chicago.

Special Solutions Feature Image-Nanny Cameras

Nanny Cameras

A big aspect of surveillance today, especially when it comes to monitoring inside your home is the nanny camera. For many years we’ve heard that term used loosely. However it doesn’t start and end with teddy bears. It includes a whole variety of products that go in your home or business to watch out for your kids, check out if someone is stealing from you or see if someone’s going through your stuff that shouldn’t be.

These are surveillance cameras put into traditional products like teddy bears and clock radios that can be hard wired or wireless. They are motion activated recorders with time and date stamps to find out what’s going on with your most precious item of all, your child.

To see what’s going on in your home or office, we also have a tissue box with a miniature camera inside that can last up to 12 hours on a single battery. We also have is a miniature outlet plug that looks like a harmless AC adapter, but when it’s plugged into the wall, the miniature built-in camera records who’s coming in, morning, noon and night. As they say, surveillance never rests.

The Home Guard looks like a plug-in air freshener, but does more than clean air. Its miniature camera operates on AC or AA batteries and is motion activated, to catch the person doing wrong against you.

Nanny cameras also come as wall or desk clocks. When mounted on the wall, it looks like a thermostat. It’s motion activated and has a lithium-ion battery that  lasts up to three days.

So, when you’re away the mice will play, and this wide assortment of nanny cameras is what you’re going to use to catch them.

All these nanny cam products can be found at or at the Total Security store located at 7524 North Harlem Avenue, Chicago IL.


Audio Recording Devices

At Total Security, one of our best sellers are our wide range of audio recording devices. When used in a legal fashion and according to state law, all our devices can be used to find truth in the matter at hand.

These sub-miniature recorders are voice activated and can be hooked into the USB port on your computer, so you can download everything easily. It also charges via the computer or any 5-volt source.

We carry recorders that look like a flash drive, but it’s not a flash drive. Its voice activated, even when it’s plugged into the computer and records any and all audio with excellent sound quality.

We also have ultra sensitive match stick pen mics and our best selling executive pen recorder that looks and functions like a normal pen while recording crisp, clear sound. If you got an important business meeting worth millions a bucks, you probably want to record it. It’s ideal for that situation. The executive pen is voice activated and is also great for note taking. You can jot down notes and record the conversation at the same time.

Another very popular item is the TeleSpy. It may look like a common landline phone for your kitchen or bedroom, but it’s much more than that. It’s actually a motion detectable alarm device. It’s great for if you’re curious about what’s going on with teenagers home alone or people who shouldn’t be in your house. When activated by someone walking by, it silently calls you on your cell phone and lets you discreetly listen in.

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CCTV Video Systems

CCTV Video Surveillance Products

At Total Security, Inc. we take video camera security very seriously. Whether it’s protecting your home, office, industrial plazas or retail store, we offer the best for less in digital video technology.

We have wireless digital cameras, DVR’s, dome cameras, armored dome cameras and vandal-proof cameras.

Some of the products we carry are:

  • (4) Channel Color H.264 DVR Stand-Alone System
  • Wireless Digital Complete (4) Camera Color H.264 DVR Stand-Alone System
  • (8) Camera Color H.264 Digital Video Stand-Alone Recording System (Industrial/Business)
  • (16) Camera Color H.264 Digital Video Stand-Alone Recording System (Industrial/Business)
  • (16) Camera Color Windows XP Professional 480×480 FPS Digital Video Recording System Server (Industrial/Government/Business)

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