What’s Bugging You? Electronic Harassment Devices

http://youtu.be/5iLLMog8mW8 In this video, John Frycek explores the secret world of covert cameras, listening devices and TSCM bug sweeping scanners, so you can find out if someone is eavesdropping on your business. John will show you what to look for if you suspect you are be stalked or electronically harassed and what you can do to combat intruders, identity thieves and other unscrupulous characters from getting the goods on you. Buy Spy Gear Online: https://www.discreetdevices.com/shop For our complete inventory of B/W and color low-light pinhole cameras, digital security CCTV cameras, network IP cameras, CCTV security cameras, LED cameras and infrared night-vision cameras, underwater cameras, body-worn covert video cameras and more. If you are in the market for surveillance equipment, Total Security specializes in a wide range of video surveillance cameras and spy equipment systems. We are experienced, trusted leaders in covert hidden camera systems, nanny cameras, security video equipment, wireless spy cameras and digital motion activated cameras. Detective Agency: http://www.specialsol.com Special Solutions is one Chicago’s most accredited and premiere investigative agencies. Whether it’s domestic, corporate or undercover investigations, we’ve done it all. When you engage special solutions, you engage top, seasoned professionals. Special Solutions, Ltd., provides professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services to clients throughout the United States, in addition to select clientele in other countries. Our expertise includes Electronic Bug Sweeps, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, and Anti-Surveillance services for businesses, corporate executives, non-profit organizations, high net worth individuals, celebrities and private individuals. Whether your area of concern is a business, executive residence, corporate office, private residence, vehicle, private aircraft, yacht, and other person-place-or thing, we will perform a professional Bug Sweep to detect any and all aggressive or passive illegal eavesdropping devices. Our goal is to identify your risk and exposure, and assist you in staying safe and secure with your private and business affairs.

What's Bugging You? Electronic Harassment Devices
What's Bugging You? Electronic Harassment Devices

www.DiscreetDevices.com shows you some of the more common surveillance devices available on the market and what to look out for if you beleive someone is spying on you. Learn about devices like covert spy cameras, audio listening devices and TSCM bug sweep detectors.

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