ARE YOU BUGGED? Part 5: Are They Following You?

This is our final installment in our series on TSCM electronic countermeasures, bugging and electronic harassment.

Electronic counter-measures and harassment includes the use of GSM or GPS tracking devices. It is illegal for someone to place a GPS tracking device in a vehicle they do not own. If you are a victim of this type of electronic harassment it is a crime.

GPS tracking devices have the ability to track your vehicle’s movements, updating your position every 5 seconds from anywhere in the world. Batteries for these devices last between 7 to10 days. External batteries allow GPS devices to track you for up to 6 months.

When conducting a physical search of your car, it is improbable that a TSCM tracking device will be found under the hood. There are far too many wires and electrical components that cause interference for a GPS tracking device. Plus far more maintenance is performed in the engine compartment than any other place in a car. The likelihood of a mechanic discovering the device makes it an undesirable place to hide one. The same goes for the dashboard. There are too many electronic devices that cause interference, making this an unlikely place for a bugging device.

The back half of the vehicle is where you want to look.  You want to do a really good physical search of the rear half of the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, check the rear pockets and plastic side compartments. Outside the vehicle, check underneath where the spare tire is kept. Also, look around the wheel wells. GPS tracking devices can be placed in magnetic boxes that adhere to anything metal, so you want to slowly walk around the car inspecting the bumper, wheel wells, and metal components like the gas tank, frame and any other areas a GPS tracker can be fastened to. To be completely thorough, a physical search should be followed up by an electronic search, using an X-10 or X-20 TSCM debugging unit.

For more information on TSCM devices or if you have questions concerning your security, especially if you think you are being bugged or are a victim of electronic harassment – contact Discreet Devices.

Discreet Devices: ARE YOU BUGGED? Part 5: Are They Following You?
Discreet Devices: ARE YOU BUGGED? Part 5: Are They Following You?

In this video, John Frycek of Special Solutions Ltd. demonstrates how to conduct a physical search using a TSCM electronic countermeasures device.

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