Covert Bodyworn Video Cameras

Bodyworn video cameras are small, micro cameras installed into items you carry around or wear like a key chain and records beautiful audio and crystal clear video.

We have little Bluetooth devices that look like you’d use with your cell phone but is actually a camera. We have micro cameras that can go on your purse or briefcase. We even have cameras mounted inside men’s and women’s watches that not only tell time but also catch the bad guys in action.

We have a covert spy camera for virtually any situation.

A self-contained button camera can be neatly mounted on clothing, hats purses and come with a number of button styles to maximize its covert abilities. Our pen cameras have USB connectors and store up to 32GB of high quality video and audio. Bring one to your next meeting if you want to get the facts right. We even have a covert camera mounted in a pair of non-prescription eye glasses. (Or should we say spy glasses?) Wherever your eyes turn to look, the camera records exactly what you’re seeing in full color video.

Remember, these products need to be used legally and ethically. If you’re in the market for a bodyworn video camera, be sure to check out our huge selection at www.spysourcenet or come see us in person at our Total Security store at 7524 North Harlem Ave. in Chicago.

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