Audio Recording Devices

At Total Security, one of our best sellers are our wide range of audio recording devices. When used in a legal fashion and according to state law, all our devices can be used to find truth in the matter at hand.

These sub-miniature recorders are voice activated and can be hooked into the USB port on your computer, so you can download everything easily. It also charges via the computer or any 5-volt source.

We carry recorders that look like a flash drive, but it’s not a flash drive. Its voice activated, even when it’s plugged into the computer and records any and all audio with excellent sound quality.

We also have ultra sensitive match stick pen mics and our best selling executive pen recorder that looks and functions like a normal pen while recording crisp, clear sound. If you got an important business meeting worth millions a bucks, you probably want to record it. It’s ideal for that situation. The executive pen is voice activated and is also great for note taking. You can jot down notes and record the conversation at the same time.

Another very popular item is the TeleSpy. It may look like a common landline phone for your kitchen or bedroom, but it’s much more than that. It’s actually a motion detectable alarm device. It’s great for if you’re curious about what’s going on with teenagers home alone or people who shouldn’t be in your house. When activated by someone walking by, it silently calls you on your cell phone and lets you discreetly listen in.

These and other audio recording and listening devices are available at or by visiting our store at 7524 North Harlem Avenue in Chicago.

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