About Us

My name is John Frycek, and I’m a licensed private investigator and certified personal protection specialist with well over 27 years experience, not to mention about 4,000 hours of professional training in professional surveillance, investigations and security products.

The purpose of this site is to share my knowledge and experiences in the fields of security, personal protection and private investigation, along with my knowledge of surveillance and spy equipment.

I own a store called Total Security in Chicago. We specialize in spy and surveillance products, including a wide range of video surveillance cameras and spy equipment systems. We are experienced, trusted leaders in covert hidden camera systems, nanny cameras, security video equipment, wireless spy cameras and digital motion activated cameras.

I also own a company called Special Solutions. I’m a veteran, licensed private investigator, and I’ve been an executive & personal protection specialist for most of my career. I’ve guarded past vice-presidents and cared for the rich shameless. I’ve done and seen a lot in my life, and I’ve enjoyed a colorful career thus far.

I’m well versed in the legal and ethical aspects of private investigations, protection services and the use of security, spy and surveillance products.  I look forward to bringing my experiences and knowledge to this public forum for your insight and enjoyment, because your protection is my only concern.